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European Geologist - the magazine of the European Federation of Geologists

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Archive of past issues 

You can find here a data base of all articles published in the European Geologist Magazine.
On enquiry individual articles can be sent by pdf. 






36 December 2013 Industrial minerals - materials in our everyday life Click here to view online 
35 May 2013 Groundwater - the critical resource Click here to view online 
34 December 2012 Geoheritage - learning from the past to inform the future Click here to view online
33 May 2012 Carbon capture and storage - potential in Europe and barriers to take up Click here to view online
32 December 2011 Natural Hazards Risk Management Strategy Click here to view online
31 May 2011 EU projects Click here to view online
30 December 2010 Higher education in geology - EuroAges Click here to view online
29 May 2010 Renewables  
28 December 2009 Mining in Europe  
27 May 2009 Energy - Natural Resources Reporting  
26 December 2008 Remote sensing  
25 May 2008 Geodiversity and sustainable management
24 December 2007    
23 June 2007 Natural Hazards
22 December 2006 Geoheritage  
21 May 2006
20 December 2005 Natural Hazards - Floods  
19 June 2005    
18 December 2004    
17 June 2004    
16 December 2003    
15 June 2003    
14 December 2002    
13 June 2002    
12 November 2001    
11 June 2001    

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