Top Ten Dividend

The Stocks with excellent track record either minimizing the risk or balancing the risk with maximize performance are the top ten for 2012. Several buyers are looking for the long-term increment instead of short-term while the companies with strong growth are willing to take a level of risk as underlying investments for buyers.

The following are Top Ten Dividend Stocks list for year 2015.

1)The revenues worth of 28 billion USD$ earnings with $7.05 per share, The tech stock APPL (Apple) the marker of the world iPhone and IPad seen potential grow of 38% between the margin of 35% to 42%. The company failing short for this year. But it expected to grow with attractive return of average 20 to 30 percent per year in future. Due to its momentum sales in China, Singapore and Taiwan, Apple is trying to boost up it earning for investor.

2)The Oracle group, the revenues worth of 150 billion USD$ earnings with current rate at $52.76 per share. This tech stock (ORCL) is a leading supplier of database and it management system in information technology sector. The Oracle group is trying to gain up its momentum sales in hardware supply with Sun Microsystem while investor can expect to return from the average of 15 to 20 percent per year.

3)Due to economy crisis, Visa (V) seen to target it momentum grow in Europe and India. While, investor can expected up to 27% return per year. The company by itself is a well-known brand, the global payment processor and license financial institution. The firm is act as an authorized seller for the commercial banking sector and retails sector.

4)Buffet won’t going to buy it but 100 billion USD$ worth of revenues earnings with current rate at $28 per share (Facebook) for investor is already listed in IPO. The social media playground seen well-known among teenagers and businesses. But some analyst seen it is mathematically impossible to grow in crucial financial time. Most of the investor can expect 5 to 10% per year as a kick start while they can balancing the risk in social media market.

5)This little auto company Ford’s (NYSE: F) is the choice for the 5th place for investor. The potential revenues of earnings with 1.65% dividend yield will bring little attraction to investor. Over the past year, this American car company is doing well due to it disciplinary and profitable leader, until today it is still selling at cheap price to investor.

6)Today, people are still drinking coffee. Yet this is true. Nestle (NSRGY.PK) the organic growth with flexible performance, the strongest growth in food industry will bring fourteen time earnings for future while the investor can expected to buy Nestle at $107 per share.

7)The American still drinking soup despite the worst economy crisis. Campbell Soup (CPB) is selling it shares at 31 USD$ per share. The bottom line at 15x earnings since 2008 for investor.

8)Even Japan hit worst crisis due to Fukushima meal down, Tokyo electric power co inc (9501:Tokyo) is still strong in the market. Living environment and lifestyle related sector, (9501:Tokyo) can expected to grow back 10 to 15%, expected to be next year.

9)When the green comes, choose the China. Yingli Green Energy (YGE) the revenues worth of 703 million USD$ earnings at $13.59 per share. The company is offering Solar Cells, modules and solar integration system while investor can expect 11% per year from Yingli.

10)The American Solar Technologies company, Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASTI) starting it business in largest area of solar industry. The company is expected to grow in China and there will be a hug jump in energy sector next year while investor can expect to grow 60 to 77% per year.